Gradient study sheet n°8 (Purple)

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Colour Family: Purple

We named "Gradients" a study that quantifies the mixing of certain colors with white.

This gradient presents the different purples.


Size: A4 (29,7x21 cm)
Specificity: Handmade with the "real" paints.

What characterizes this collection of paint is its extremely matte appearance, as close as possible to that of lime, while avoiding the practical inconveniences.
What is matte has the power to be discreet, and the walls that enclose us recede.
They also recede into the indistinct shadows because these colors, whether dark or light, are always complex enough and very far from pure colors to change constantly according to the infinite variations of the light. They are colors of landscapes, colors of seasons, colors of paintings. ... they tell a story, taking care not to raise their voices too much, out of politeness, so as not to steal the show from those who are going to live there.